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YESMOVIES to enjoy free streaming movies and series

To have a good time with family, friends or simply alone, the streaming platform YESMOVIES offers movies, streaming series and manga. For an easy and quick handling of it, we propose you a set of information and advices. So you’ll get a description of the platform’s content, then a presentation of its interface and a user guide and finally its advantages and disadvantages.

A description of the streaming site YESMOVIES


The YESMOVIES platform offers a wide variety of content, including free movies, series, manga and anime for the young. It does not have much to envy to competitors such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video because it is also able to offer recent content. Indeed, we can find movies such as Top Gun: Maverick or Uncharted that date back to 2022 or series such as Sandman.

Concerning the different categories of content, you should know that there are all kinds. Indeed, you will find romance, comedy if you are in a sweet mood. Then, there is action, detective, drama and supernatural content if you need to move your evening. And finally, there is documentary and history for those who simply want to learn. Difficult to find elsewhere, you should know that even films and series dating back to the years before 2010 exist. Moreover, the youngest will easily find their account with mangas such as Detective Conan, One Peace or Slam Dunk or Marvel with Iron Man. It is important to specify that this content is regularly updated so that the seasons of the latest series you see are probably available.

In terms of language, the targeted communities are mainly French and English. Indeed, if we had to classify, there is more content in French than in English. Then we have of course original versions which are anyway all subtitled in French.

Presentation of its interface and use of the site

Regarding the interface of the site, there is not much to say except that it is well done organized. Its design is simple but very representative of the cinematographic character that a good video streaming platform should give off. Indeed, we find a dark theme arranged with very few well placed colors, which preserves the eyes of the users.

As far as the menu is concerned, there are three buttons for movies, series and anime respectively. The latter contain drop-down lists that offer, on the one hand, to present their contents in a single block and, on the other hand, to classify these contents by genre and by year. These options are there for those who come to discover. For those who already know what they want to watch, they will just have to use the search bar to type the name of the movie/series/manga, an actor or the director.

After clicking on what you want to watch, you are redirected to a page that shows you a viewing screen. If you look closely, you can also see that you are offered to download and watch in high definition. But if you click on any of these three things, you will be directed to yet another supposedly secure page that will ask you for an email to continue. In addition, you will be asked for additional information such as bank details as the site is apparently free for one week only. Going back to the previous viewing page, you should know that below the video, there are several viewing links. These links allow you to bypass the fact that sometimes, some movies or series are unavailable. And even further down, you will simply have all the information about the movie. Indeed, you will have the synopsis, the names of the actors and directors, the genre and the release date as well as the production date.

The main advantages and disadvantages

Several things have more or less marked us during the journey of this platform and we decided to split them into two groups. So for the following, we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the platform.

Benefits of YESMOVIES

Quantity and quality of content

The diversity and quantity of video content present on this platform is a big asset for it. Thanks to this, you have the possibility of accessing many movies and series and anime without worrying about boredom because you are going in circles.

Intuitive and easy to use

If there is one thing that stands out about the YESMOVIES streaming platform, it is its ease of use. This is surely due to the fact that the site’s managers have tried to present only the essential of this kind of platform, the content. Moreover, thanks to the search options and the good presentation of the proposed content, the platform can be classified in the category of intuitive sites.

Disadvantages of this streaming site

Registration far too intrusive

Most online streaming sites are free and do not require any sort of forced registration. However, that’s not the case at all with YESMOVIES which when you launch content redirects you to a registration page. Here, you are asked for your email address and if that’s all it took, it would be pretty cool. But no, even more personal data is required. We’re talking about banking data. This represents according to us the biggest disadvantage of the site because few people are ready to put sensitive data on this kind of platform. The latter often have a bad reputation.

8.9Expert Score
Overall, we can say that the streaming platform YESMOVIES has many assets that will allow it to attract visitors. But these are marred by some flaws that the managers should manage for a better user experience. With the many tips we've given you, we've made sure you'll know what to expect when you visit the site.
  • Extensive content library
  • Steady streaming service
  • Wide range of genres
  • Location-based content segregation
  • Initial load time

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