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TDrama is a site with a rising reputation that has been building a great track record for many years. Sure, it reminds of Netflix, but unlike it, it is 100% free.

TDRAMA for your favorite series and movies for free

TDrama is a site with a rising reputation that has been building a great track record for many years. Sure, it reminds of Netflix, but unlike it, it is 100% free. Basically, you can watch all your movies whenever you want and however you want. Of course, all you need is a stable internet connection.  Indeed, on TDrama, you will have a great choice of streaming movies, some more interesting than others.  You don’t need to register to get them. All you need is the address of the site. Moreover, TDrama has a rather ergonomic interface. You will be able to easily find the movie(s) you want to see.

How does TDrama work?


TDrama’s operation is very simple. Indeed, once you are on the site, you will notice right away on its homepage the movies that will be proposed to you. If you want to see specific movies, you will just have to go to the search zone which is located on the left, at the very top of the home page. All you have to do is enter the name of the movie you want to see and it will appear as if by magic. Once it appears, all you have to do is click on Play to start watching your movie.

Also, if you don’t have a specific movie to watch, you can watch movies by category on the site. You have indeed, varieties of horror movies, action movies, comedy and musical movies, thriller movies etc…

Is the streaming site TDrama legal ?

It is better that we do not hide the truth from you, as many existing streaming sites, it is not a legal platform. Indeed, although some contents are now public, it should be noted that many movies on TDrama are illegally broadcasted on the site.  So, in a way, concerning some movies, you can break the law by watching their content. Because they have copyrights, and broadcasting rights that TDrama does not have.

What is the official address of TDrama in 2022?

As said above, TDrama does not have any copyright, broadcasting of certain films that they make available to film lovers of all kinds. That’s why the URL of the site is regularly changed so that the site does not suffer from blocking or legal proceedings. In this sense, it is sometimes difficult for some to find the site so that they can see their favorite movies for free.

Use a VPN or a proxy to access TDrama

Just like many sites, TDrama is in the sights of the authorities. That’s why, to access this streaming site, you may sometimes need a VPN or a proxy. Nevertheless, you will still be able to watch your movies for free thanks to TDrama.

The advantages of the streaming site TDrama

Thanks to TDrama website, you will not only be able to watch live content than downloading it, but also save enough space on your computer. As you know, downloading movies can take up a lot of space, causing your computer or smartphone to run slowly. Moreover, you can also save enough time by watching your movie directly online than waiting for it to finish downloading, because, as you know, some movies are almost impossible to download some time after their release. With TDrama, you can watch your movie directly after its release.

Indeed, on TDrama, you will have less bandwidth congestion than you are used to find on other sites. You will also have very few interruptions of your movies due to the computer firewall. Finally, and for the satisfaction of movie lovers, you should know that on TDrama, the video stream will be in perfect harmony with the speed of your computer or smartphone. Basically, you will be able to follow your movie without it encountering any bugs, or without it getting interrupted.

Finally, downloading a movie can generally take up to 1 gig. Watching a movie on TDrama will save you enough data.

The disadvantages of TDrama

As with all streaming sites, TDrama also has its drawbacks.  While being an advantage for other movie lovers, the fact that a movie is not stored on the computer for future viewing is a big disadvantage. Imagine for a moment, you come home from work, and you want to watch your favorite movie again, but you can’t, either because it wasn’t stored beforehand after you watched it, or because you don’t have the data or connection to watch it again live. This can be a big frustration.  However, thanks to some software, it is possible to download your movies on TDrama. However, this still presents risks of damaging your device. So, for more security, it is advisable to avoid installing them. Finally, as a last disadvantage, although the viewing of movies adapts to the speed of your device on TDrama, it can happen that the waiting time to start playing your movie or advance your movie can be more or less variable because of the accessibility, or the internet connection.

All in all, TDrama is one of the best free streaming sites, which keeps on giving satisfaction to its millions of users. Here you can find the top of the top movies, new and old, everything is served to you in this site so that you stay glued to it. Of course, it has some small weaknesses, but this does not prevent its development and its desire to satisfy you. TDrama puts all types of movies at your disposal, because as ”streaming movie lovers”, you deserve to be treated like kings.  So what are you waiting for? Come and visit the TDrama site out of curiosity and we can guarantee that you will stay for satisfaction.


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