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Looking for something to do tonight? Dive into the greatest selection of free movies on the web at Free Movies Online! Not only can you discover any film without cost, but also view full episodes from TV series totally gratis.


What could be more beautiful than watching a good thriller or horror movie with a good pack of popcorn at your feet to shiver in the dark of the night. Yes, it’s something I’ve always found silly, but that many people enjoy. Only to be able to enjoy this kind of moment, you obviously need to have horror movies to watch. Hence the idea of streaming websites, which make this task much easier. And so, I present you one of them right now.




FREEMOVIES, Naughty name for a site, but let’s see if the site in question is the same.

In a few words, it’s a streaming site with a nice interface, which offers an unlimited catalog of movies. The site has been really designed so that you can browse with a smile on your face, finding the best movies you can watch. And that, for free!


But before I start all the blablabla that needs to be said about the site. I will first present one of its strong points: Its design.

The design of the site is what strikes you first when you are there: First of all, there are movies and series presented in disorder (not by category). And when you click on the menu, there are several buttons: HOME; GENRES; LATEST ADDITIONS

Click on GENRES or LATEST ADDED if you want to find a new movie to watch.

Finally, there is a search bar at the bottom. So you can quickly find your favorite movie or show. Because it’s silly to snoop around a site to find a specific movie.

And on the other hand, you should know that in its selection of movies, the site highlights love movies: for girls, or fans of romance, action movies: for men or fans of killings and comedy movies: for everyone. Three categories that cover many tastes.  But in other words, you can always use the “genre” button to find the movies you like as and when you want.


First of all, I say it right away the site does not allow downloading movies. In other words, you can only watch online.

For this fact, everything starts with a simple click. Click on the movie you want to watch, then on the “PLAY” button and finally enjoy it in front of your tablet.

TIP FOR DOWNLOADING FILMS: It is true that the site does not offer downloads but you could still do it by downloading one of these applications: UC BROWSER, PHOENIX BROWSER OR MINI UC BROWSER. These are applications that allow you to download anything you can watch as a video on the Internet. So to download your movies:

  • Install one of the applications
  • Copy and paste the link of your movie on the application
  • Download your movie
  • And have a good time

So, it’s not really a defect of the site.


Here I will only show you what is pretty on the site. In some ways you will not see anything unpleasant on the site by reading only this part, because I have well and truly gathered the best advantages. :

FREE: If you are a follower in “search for streaming sites” then you are not without knowing that this is an area that contains many sites. Only few of them are free. But on this particular site, everything is free. You will not have to pay a single cent while browsing. Nor a monthly subscription. None of that.

NO ADVERTISING: This is also the charm of FREEMOVIES, because your stay on it will be hassle-free, there will be no advertising, and you will not be redirected to an external page, with every click. It will be far from all that

QUALITY: The movies available on FREEMOVIES, are all in HD. So no disappointments here. You will be really satisfied.

THE LANGUAGES: There are several movies on the site, and also many in other languages. This is something that allows you to learn other languages. But it is also useful for those who are a fan of a foreign language. And don’t panic. Because the films in other languages are subtitled.


The site has some nice advantages, but also some flaws. Maybe not a million, but flaws nonetheless. Here are some of them:

TOTAL ABSENCE OF SERIES: Actually, it’s surprising but it has no series. Which breaks the catalog of the site because without series, you can’t call it “complete” of course. There is no THE 100, no PRISON BREAK, no VIKING, none of that. I might as well tell you that this is a big flaw. But it’s also the nature of the site so.

NO DOWNLOADS: most of the streaming sites offer downloads to file hosts. But here, it’s no. You can only watch online. Which is a pity because sometimes we like to download our movies in order to watch them, anywhere and anytime.

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