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Dramacool.cr is a free streaming platform that allows its visitors to watch streaming movies and series unlimited. For relaxing evenings, days when you take your breaks, the site does the trick and makes sure that you don’t see the time pass.

DRAMACOOL.CR : to enjoy in a free way your series and movies in streaming

Dramacool.cr is a free streaming platform that allows its visitors to watch streaming movies and series unlimited. For relaxing evenings, days when you take your breaks, the site does the trick and makes sure that you don’t see the time pass. Here, we just give you some tips that will allow you to browse more easily and avoid some traps. You will have a presentation of its content, its interface, a user guide and some advantages and disadvantages that we have encountered.

Overview of the content of the streaming site Dramacool.cr


The content of the platform is the image of what we should find on any other streaming platform. That is, it is the product of the combination of several streaming platforms. Indeed, we find series and movies from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and even Disney Plus. If you like crime, you will have a classification of almost 129 videos among which we have Quantum of Solace, The Revenge Instinct or Cruella. For action and adventure content, you’ll have Aquaman, Alita: Battle Angel, Dying Can Wait and Skyfall, which you probably already know. To get away from strong emotions and pursue laughter for example, you will have comedy movies such as It’s Beautiful, A Private Affair and also Easter Sunday. And just to learn, Dramacool.cr allows you to watch about 11 documentaries among which the documentary about the French rap legend Orelsan entitled Show No One This. We also have Allons enfants, Notre père à tous and Jackass Forever. So that children do not feel deprived, you can put animations such as Samurai Academy, Pokemon or Jujutsu Kaisen 0.

For the ages, you should know that the content of the platform comes from the years before 2012 as well as from recent years. To be more precise, the movies and series are classified between 2008 and 2022. So the different generations will not have to complain because everyone will be able to find what suits them. Moreover, it is very likely that all the videos you will find are in French. Since we can’t go through all of them, we can’t tell you whether or not you will find movies and series in VostFr. For the following, we have prepared a presentation of the interface of the site as well as a small guide of use.

Dramacool.cr interface overview and user guide

The interface of the streaming platform Dramacool.cr is, we admit, pleasant. With a dark theme, the eyes are very quickly plunged into rest if you come out of a page all in color. When you enter the site, you immediately notice posters of some movies and series scrolling one after the other. These are surely the best of the page and you should select one of them if you don’t know what to watch yet. For searches, you can use the search bar on the far right of the page or sort the content by genre and year. Next to the logo at the very top of the page, there is a section for requests. It allows you to submit a request for a film or series that you have not found.

When you click on one of the posters, you are immediately directed to the viewing page where some information is available. Indeed, you will have the release date, the country of origin, the duration, the genre, the names of the actors and directors and a synopsis. To try to judge the quality of the film, you can look at the ratings from the votes of the previous visitors. Below, you have a selection of content similar to the one you have selected. To return to the viewing screen, it has a button in the center that allows you to directly start the movie. In addition, there are also a few different viewing links.

Advantages and disadvantages of this streaming site

Below are the advantages and disadvantages that we have found on the platform.

Advantages of the Dramacool.cr website

The ergonomics of the site

Dramacool.cr is very ergonomic. Browsing it is quite pleasant, especially since in just a few clicks it is possible to access the desired content. The different classification systems (by genre and year) as well as the search bar make it easy to find your way around.

Diversity of content

If we look at the different categories of films offered, we can easily say that. It’s not boredom that will keep you away from the platform, that’s for sure.

The free service

This is also an advantage when you see sites that offer the same service but require you to register and pay. On Dramacool.cr, this is not the case. You don’t need to register your bank account to view.



The major drawback of this platform is simply the excess of ads that greet you as soon as you enter the site, they are quite unpleasant and reduce the quality of experience. You’ll have to close pop-ups all the time which will definitely take you to unwanted pages

The little content

It was stated that the content of the platform was quite varied. However, this does not prevent it from being inconsistent in terms of the number of films and series that are offered. In fact, in a certain amount of time, you can be sure that you have seen everything on the site. And there is even a certain lack, like the notorious absence of mangas for example.

All in all, Dramacool.cr is a pretty good choice when it comes to having fun. As a true streaming platform, you can brighten up your evenings by watching the movies and series it has to offer. By following our advice, we are sure you won’t encounter any bad surprises. And for ads, just use an ad blocker.

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