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Are you a fan of movies and TV shows? Then AZMovies is the streaming website for you! With an unparalleled selection of genres from around the world, this platform has something to satisfy everyone’s unique tastes. But don’t take my word for it – let’s explore all that AZMovies can offer with its pros and cons…

AZMOVIES : to watch movies and series for free

Do you need a free tip or guide on the AZMovies streaming platform? Then you’ve come to the right place. We present you all the important features of the site in a short and efficient way.

You will find a description of the site, a small user manual and the various advantages and disadvantages that we have carefully identified for you.

Description of the content of the site


Most of the streaming platforms that work are the ones that simultaneously offer varied content such as free movies, streaming series and even anime. The latter can offer action, love, horror and many other things at the same time.

Our choice, AZMovies, belongs to this category. Indeed, it offers a rather diversified content.  We can find series and anime from before 2007 to nowadays. These are from the less popular to the most popular. Indeed, we can find series such as Game Of Thrones, Dynasty or even Blacklist where the majority of the seasons have already been posted.

Moreover, fans of anime have not been harmed by the site. They will be able to find a wide variety of titles such as The Simpsons, Fire Force or The Wonderful World of Mickey for the younger ones.

Finally, we can underline the fact that the content of the site is proposed in several languages, proof that the managers of the latter do not care only for a minority of people. Thus, we will have series or animations in English versions, to which we will add their original versions (VO, VOSTFR).

Description of the site interface and user guide

The access to the site is done via the address AZMovies. At first sight, one notices a dark theme related to a movie theater atmosphere.  Then, we note the logo attesting to the originality of the site. Buttons such as the home button and the series button are present to facilitate the navigation.  For example, if we just put the mouse cursor on the Series button we have the possibility to have the content classified by type.

In addition, there is a search bar and at the bottom there is a proposal of some series that are classified among the most popular on the site. Always at the homepage, we can see the latest seasons and episodes of series that have been added as well as the new releases of the current year.

Important: Do not hesitate to read the note at the bottom of the home page because it can help you in the journey and use of the platform.

Also, when you click on the image representing a series, you have access to the information of the latter. These include the release and last update dates, the main actors, the director, the average length of an episode and other information. In addition, the popularity of a series can be judged by looking at the voting ratio and the various comments left next to it. In order to complete these two criteria, the summary of the series can also be used as a basis when deciding whether to watch it or not.

It is then a question of choosing among the seasons if there are several available and to take the episode that you want. Several links are available and it is up to you to choose the one that suits you best. The multiplicity of these links is especially useful when some of them are no longer available because of a bug or something else.

The advantages and disadvantages of this streaming site

Benefits of the site

AZMovies compared to many streaming platforms has some competitive qualities. These are the things you don’t necessarily see elsewhere.

The ergonomics

In our opinion, this is the word that best describes this platform. Indeed, the handling of the latter is very easy and does not require any particular skill.


The possibility of filtering the content according to dates and type can only contribute positively to the attraction that a potential user of the site could have. Indeed, it will be easy for someone who finds himself in front of a large variety of content to quickly situate himself in a desired time and space.

The variety of content

This criterion is indeed a significant advantage of this site since it reduces the need and the tedious task of searching for a missing series elsewhere.

Disadvantages of the AZMovies website

In a second sense, it is also better to think about the disadvantages knowing that not everything that is undertaken by man has only advantages. Not much is recorded, but this does not change the quality of the site.

Excessive advertising

In fact, this is the biggest drawback we have noticed here. These ads are present in too many places and appear at every turn. For example, they can come in the form of pop-ups (small advertising windows) when you do searches. They can also appear as links that are hidden behind the images or words you click on. And finally, they come in even more inappropriate forms, such as Youtube videos that appear above the video you want or are currently watching.

The lack of a preview option

There is no way to preview a movie or series. Most sites that provide video content do. Indeed, this possibility would have been to the advantage of the site as many users often use it to choose whether to watch a series or not. These few sequences of images often present the highlights of an episode and allow you to judge the relevance of the series.

In short, you now know where you stand if you ever decide to consume streaming content on AZMovies. We have made sure that after reading this article, you will have all the keys in hand for an easy and intelligent use of this platform. In fact, its essential characteristics have been presented as well as its main advantages and disadvantages, leaving you the possibility of a clear and concise judgment.


7.8Expert Score
Unlock Your Entertainment with AZMovies!
Who's ready for a movie night? AZMovies is your best bet if you're looking to explore the wonderful world of international cinema. Not only does it offer an incredible selection of genres, but this streaming website also provides users with access to all types of movies and TV shows from around the globe—it truly has something for everyone! Let me tell you more about my experience using AZMovies and why I think its pros outweigh any cons.
  • Easy to Use: AZMovies has a simple interface that is easy to navigate. It allows users to quickly search for movies and TV shows by genre, title, or actor.
  • Large Selection: AZMovies provides access to a large selection of popular movies and television shows from all over the world. This includes both classic favorites as well as newly released films.
  • High Quality Streams: AZMovies offers excellent streaming quality with minimal buffering, allowing users to enjoy their favorite movies and shows without any interruptions.
  • Ads: AZMovies displays ads throughout the site, which can be distracting and annoying for some users.
  • Limited Downloads: AZMovies does not allow users to download movies or shows, so they cannot be watched offline.
  • Unverified Sources: Some of the content on AZMovies can be sourced from unverified sources, which could potentially contain malicious software or viruses.

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