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For over years now, 123-movies has been a guiding light in the world of free content like never before seen. Providing movies and tv shows galore for all to enjoy – from documentaries to reality TV – 123-movies makes sure that no matter what you’re looking for, its library will have something just right!

On 123-MOVIES.BUZZ you will find series, movies and anime in streaming and free

The free streaming platform Stream Complete provides its visitors with a wide range of streaming movies, series and anime content. If you are looking for a guide on how to use it, you are probably in the best place. Below you will find a concise description of the site, its interface, a short user guide and finally the advantages and disadvantages of its use.

Description of its contents


Accessible at the full Stream address, this platform offers content that can please all types of visitors. Indeed, you have access to action, adventure and horror movies, most of which are recent. But don’t worry, fans of old school movies are not left out because the site offers content from the years before 2000.

For those who are sensitive or just wouldn’t want to have their heart wrapped up in too many hectic scenes, this is also for you. In this sense, you have famous comedies such as The Old Stoves for the Asylum, family and romance such as Wedding Season.

Added to all this, we have noted that there is quality in the Animated section of the platform. Therefore, the youngest or simply lovers of classics such as Naruto, Detective Conan or Comics such as Batman will find their account.

And to conclude, it is important to know that the content is available in several languages. This is a way for the managers of the platform to serve a varied audience. You will be able to watch movies and series in the original version (VO), in VOST, in English.

Just to have an overview of the site, here is a small description of its interface and a user guide.

Site interface and user guide

Stream complet has not been amateurish. At the entrance, you immediately know where you are. Indeed, you can immediately see the type of public that is targeted thanks to the few posters of movies, series and anime proposed. Next to the logo of the site at the top, there is the Home button which allows you to return to the beginning of the site. Then, the movie and series buttons are present in the form of drop-down menus that give the proposed categories. And finally, there is an Anime button which gives direct access to the anime present.

Still on the home page, you have a selection of the most visited content as well as the latest movies and series episodes added. A search bar is available for those who have an idea of what they are looking for. But if you are here to discover, you have the possibility to sort by genre and even by year of addition. The content is offered in very high quality (1080p).

When you have found what you want to watch, you just have to click on it and immediately you are in front of the viewing screen. Around and on top of it you will find a button for secure viewing, a sharing button and even a download button. If you launch and nothing happens, you can use the different links at the bottom of the screen or simply refresh the page. Moreover, these links allow you to view in several languages and are often very numerous (sometimes more than 12 per film).

At the very bottom of the viewing screen, you have the description of the film which allows you to know what you are getting into. In addition, the name of the director and the complete cast are also there. With that said, we will then present you with the pros and cons of the site.

Advantages and disadvantages of the site

For the rest, here are some qualities but also some defects that we found to the site during our use.

The advantages of this streaming site

We start with the advantages that we found so attractive that they hide the defects.

– The ability to filter

Indeed, as on most sites that offer this type of service, you can filter the content offered by the platform. These are different genres such as action, adventure, documentary or romance but also post years that go from 1998 to 2022.

– A wide variety of content in large quantities

The content offered by Stream Complete is for the pun really complete. Fans of movies that stir up all forms of emotion have nothing to complain about as well as those who love manga or anything related to anime.

– The ease of use

Indeed, the site is very ergonomic. We found it easy to use because the options presented above are placed in the right places. The loading time is not long and it is very easy to find your way around.

The disadvantages of 123-movies.buzz

Unfortunately, we also found some drawbacks that taint the platform a bit.

– Preview not possible

In our opinion, a good streaming platform should offer this option so that the visitor knows what he is getting into. The site could add it to make the movie more attractive by putting highlights of the movie.

– Advertisements

We will never stop talking about it, but the ads that pop up at every turn before or during viewing are often discouraging. Moreover, they waste the user’s time because they sometimes redirect him to pages he didn’t even ask for.

To conclude, you surely know what to expect when accessing the full Stream platform. Thanks to what we have provided, you are sure to have no surprises when you access it. Indeed, its main characteristics are now known, as well as its various advantages and disadvantages. For the rest, we can only wish you a good viewing.

8Expert Score
For over years now, 123-movies has been a guiding light in the world of free content like never before seen. Providing movies and tv shows galore for all to enjoy - from documentaries to reality TV – 123-movies makes sure that no matter what you're looking for, its library will have something just right!
  • A huge number of popular movies and TV shows to watch
  • The download option is included
  • Completely free access
  • Plenty of genres to choose from
  • User-friendly and easy to use
  • Site design could be improved
  • Minor ads and redirection links
  • The download option doesn’t really work that well

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